Flat Fifty

I decide to ease my way back into randoneuring with a 50km Brevet Permanent. It seems sensible to build up the mileage, rather than flogging myself with a 200km brevet straight away. Besides, I am working every day for 18 days; a 50km Brevet Australia will fit in nicely before a 12.30pm shift.

I wake at ridiculous o’clock and join the heavy commuter traffic driving towards the city. Poor buggers do this every day. Me, I have my bike in the boot of my car ready to ride. But I make a note not to nominate 6am as a start time because I waste a lot of time in traffic; better to start earlier.

I’m 10 minutes late for the start of my ride. There’s plenty of cyclist racing around the criterium track at Nundah. Their headlights and the sound of the peletons zooming by at top speed is impressive. In contrast I set off up the road solo; quiet and slow by comparison. 

The first half of the ride takes me along urban roads and off-road cycle paths. I’m traveling against the commuter traffic so it’s actually fairly relaxed despite the rush hour mayhem. I cruise along, regretting not setting up a decent route card holder.

I reach the Sandgate waterfront with plenty of time up my sleeve. The rising sun casts a golden shine on Moreton Bay. I buy a bottled juice at the cafe where I have my brevet signed and stand across the road taking in the view. I linger just long enough to down the drink and take a photo before taking off. 

True to it’s name the ride remains flat throughout.  My return to Nundah takes me along the fantastically pretty Boondall Wetlands cycle path. I love the swamps and she-oaks that crowd around the track. It’s one of my most favourite places to ride. The Jim Soorley Bikeway rounds out this easy and enjoyable ride. 

The criterium track is deserted on my return at 8.27am. I guess the cyclists of 6am are now at their desks in the city earning a living. Me? I’m happily finishing my first brevet in 3 years with 1 hour 13 minutes to spare despite the late start. 

Bicycle silhouette in front of sun rising over beach
Sandgate waterfront
Blurred image of my face with tall she-oaks in focus behind me. Black and white photo.
Boondall wetlands

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