Every Which Way 100

Starting my brevets late seems to be a thing for me. I park near the Drews Road shops and set off along familiar roads north; 15 minutes after my nominated start time.  I selected this ride because I used to live down here in Logan and cycle to the city a lot.  I guess you could say it will be a trip down memory lane.

The ride along the M1 service road goes smoothly and soon I’m rolling along the dedicated cycle path through Slacks Creek. Returning to the road in Springwood gives me a taste of what is to come: every red light in Brisbane.  It adds an extra level of challenge to making the cut off.  My moving time ends up being 5:05 but my ride time is 6:21. Even allowing for my 15 minute lunch break, that’s a lot of time spent at red lights.

Not that the red lights put me off. I love the chance to put in the miles on quiet cycle paths. The M1 bikeway takes me into the city. It isn’t scenic but it gets me where I need to go. It’s not until I hit the Green Bridge across the Brisbane River that the scenic part of the ride starts. Following the river is always a treat. The brown water moves sluggishly east towards the sea. I follow it’s flow from the University of Queensland to the CBD before a short detour along Kedron Brook returns me to the Gateway Bridge.

I feel strong on the bike until the 70km mark where I start to flag a bit. I haven’t eaten much today and think this is a factor. Though a lack of bike fitness is definitely at play too. I haven’t done much cycling apart from my other brevets.

While my body is struggling, my soul is now enjoying the parkland through which I am cycling. After the Gateway Bridge the Bulimba Creek bike path takes me south back towards Logan. It’s flat and easy cycling. The sun is shining, birds sing in the trees and pedestrians walk their dogs. You could use this as a television commercial for idyllic living.

The idyllic cycle path ends and I rejoin the M1 cycle path before completing the ride on hilly roads through Daisy Hill and Loganholme. But first, a reality check: I might be tired but at least I am not one of the poor commuters driving home from work in the increasingly busy traffic. I think about that as I climb the hills on empty legs. The finish line is a welcome sight today. I am hungry and definitely need to increase my training (note that I don’t actually act on that knowledge for quite some time).

All up, this was a lovely day on the bike and a ride I will certainly do again.

Brisbane River cycle path
View from top of Gateway Bridge
Happy not to be stuck in M1 commuter traffic

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